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Grove Classes

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Listen... we get it. 
We live it. 

Don’t you love how easy it is to get things done while the kids are at home?

You know, when they constantly interrupt you and beg for your attention.  All while you battle the nagging guilt of not giving them enough [attention, snuggles, interactive play, social experiences, exercise, discipline, knowledge, skill building…], coupled with the irritation of “do I really have to say that one more time?”  Oh, and also while keeping them safe and feeling loved while they (and we) do all the things.   


Us too.  


Wait, what?  There’s a place for parents to empower their children with expert-led, research-based support critical to their development. 


You betcha.


And it’s locally owned?  By moms?  That used to be teachers?  Shut the front door!  


Psstt…. I hear they also have co-working spaces and private rooms to rent.  For meetings.  I mean seriously, you are a parent. Get your mind out of the gutter.  


Don’t tell anyone.  We need to keep this spot quiet.  If everyone finds out, we won’t get our kid in that art class.  And we need art class.  And academic coaching (rebrand of tutoring).  And we definitely need to post up on that comfy sofa while our kid is getting their fine motor skills on and building their early literacy skills, all while meeting another parent who is also THRIVING while working from home while parenting…but doesn’t have to today. 

Let's Do This Together


We believe in building confidence through skill development. Our approach is engaging, patient, and data-driven. Let us help foster a love of learning for students of all ages. It's never too late to discover something new! 


Join your child in a class offered for movement, social engagement, fine arts, mindfulness, and more. Check out our calendar for opportunities to grow together. 


We offer pop-up classes for art, parent education, yoga, and more! Grown ups deserve to hit pause and do something for themselves, too! 


Want to rent our entire space for an event? With a beautiful fenced-in back yard, full outdoor and indoor kitchens, and lots of activity space, you can transform the space into the perfect party.


Our grown up only space is designed for you to socialize with other adults over a cup of coffee, cozy up with a book on the couch, or get work done that probably needed to be done yesterday. This can all happen while your kid is having a blast in one of our many offerings. Options to book an office to take that meeting in private are available, too!


We are building our roster of incredible experts who support our students and their grown ups through intentionally designed classes and parent resources. (Speech & Language, OT, Recreational Therapy, Psychologists, and more!) Looking for answers to those lingering questions? Our experts have you covered!


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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