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Teacher Assisting a Student

Enriching professional development tailored to what teachers really need.

Imperfection expected.  We’re in this together.

Every school and every teacher has it’s own unique set of needs and interests.  One thing remains true for every educational setting- the importance of understanding best practices and how to implement them.  Teacher retention is harder than ever.  Empowerment is key to attracting and retaining talented educators.  By fueling gifted teachers with knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately, with any curriculum or school setting, we are changing the game and putting life back into PD. 

As teachers ourselves, we know what it feels like to sit through yet another workshop on a topic that doesn’t apply to us, or to talk in circles and never land on the “how.”  At Arboro Empowered, we are about meeting educators where they are and giving them the tools and information they seek to make the most impact on their students while growing their capabilities.  

By working directly with schools and gaining their feedback, we can tailor a program, whether that’s coaching or an engaging workshop that is useful and applicable. 

What We

Empowerment Workshops

Engaging professional development designed by educators for educators.  Customized, needs-based, and data-driven. 

Educational Consultations

Every school has it's challenges.  Just as fish struggle to see the water, sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective.  Allow our expert coaches to conduct a data-driven analysis and develop an accessible, easy to implement action plan.

Customized Content

If it's for a school or classroom, we've got you covered.  Slide decks, lesson plans, printables, "spark" kits to unpack exciting new topics in the classroom, and more!  

Team Building 

Our beautiful building is the perfect place to host your team. We can customize the experience to make the most out of your time together whether it's for work or play!

Educator Coaching

Individualized support for educators at any or experience level. Let's support teachers where they are with what they need.  

Observation Cycles

Objective, highly focused observations paired with impactful feedback delivered with compassion.

Author Visits

Engaging experiences led by local authors designed to inspire young writers and readers. Personalized book signing included.

Educator Empowerment Form

I am interested in the following topics. Check all that apply.

You're cooler than a secret handshake.

Mrs. Fricke understands how to get the best from her students and is patient with the results. Mrs. Fricke maintains a calm and inviting presence that draws the students to her, even in challenging situations.

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