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Why Coaching?

For now and for what's next?

For Students:

Tutoring needs a rebrand. Just as we now know that teacher-directed, one-size-fits-all approaches are not the most effective teaching models, the same is true for tutoring. Student-centered, engaging support for students is what we call coaching. We coach students by helping them develop skillsets that will increase both their confidence and knowledge acquisition, not just for now, but for a lifetime.

For Caregivers:

We've all heard the "there's no manual for this!" comment when we hit hurdles as parents. While that's true, it doesn't mean we can't equip parents with research-based tactics to build confidence and improve family relationships. Some parents may prefer our one-on-one model, whereas others are seeking connections and community that they will get through our BYOB (bring your own baby) book clubs and seasonal clothing swaps.


We are in the business of empowerment. Empowerment doesn't come in a box, nor from a book or podcast. It is the strength that comes from a desire to learn tied with a source of information and support. We have three customer types and three services that offer both the information and the support individuals need to reach the next level of confidence in their role. Our customers are not just students, like other tutoring providers, but the parents and teachers that have the most influence over our students. Our services of coaching, enrichment, and community-building inspire growth, wellbeing, and connections that improve families and strengthen our community.

Imperfect in Arboro,


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