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Empowering Minds - Middle School

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Develop strategies, foster confidence, enhance executive functioning, and academic support

  • 22 US dollars
  • Arboro Empowered - Old Lake Jeanette Road

Service Description

This class is designed to empower students by providing essential school work help, developing effective study strategies, and building confidence as learners. Ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly stay organized, tackle homework with ease, and excel in learning? It's not magic – it's the power of executive functioning skills! In this exciting and brain-boosting class, we'll dive deep into the fascinating world of neurology to unlock the secrets behind better organization, effective studying, and lifelong learning habits. Research has shown that the brain undergoes significant development during adolescence, making it the perfect time to harness the potential of executive functioning skills. These skills, located in the prefrontal cortex, help you manage your time, plan ahead, stay focused, and solve problems – essential tools for success in both school and life. You'll embark on a better understanding of the inner workings of your brain, discovering how it controls your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Engaging activities, interactive games, and real-life examples will bring neuroscience to life, making complex concepts easy to understand and fun to explore. But that's not all Empowering Minds goes beyond theory. We'll equip you with practical strategies to enhance your organizational skills, supercharge your study habits, and boost your learning potential. From creating effective study schedules to mastering the art of prioritization, you'll gain the tools needed to navigate the challenges of middle school and beyond. Join us and watch as success becomes a habit.

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  • 5415 Old Lake Jeanette Road, Greensboro, NC, USA

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