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  • Is Arboro Empowered a franchise?
    Nope. There is only one Arboro Empowered. Locally owned and operated.
  • Does Arboro Empowered offer financial assistance?
    Arboro Empowered is an official ESA+ provider!
  • Do you have food and drinks?
    We have snacks and drinks available for purchase in our co-working lounge. To protect students with food allergies, we ask that children eat their snacks before and/or after attending a session to prevent exposure to allergens. Water bottles are welcome!
  • What should grown-ups do while kids are in class?
    Grown-ups are encouraged to enjoy our Grown-Up Grove Lounge, designed just for them. Grown-ups may decide to use the space to work remotely, read a book, scroll on their phones, enjoy a coffee or snack, or just be. We especially encourage adults to take advantage of our Grove Lab Creative offerings that rotate monthly- a chance to learn a new creative skill or participate in a familiar one, all in the name of self-care and wellness. If it's a nice day, we hope grown-ups will enjoy our unique outdoor patio for fresh air or go for a walk on our backyard path or via the sidewalk down Pisgah Church Road for a longer stroll. In order to keep the grown-up zone a calm haven for adults, we try to keep the space kid-free. Siblings of class participants might enjoy a quick trip to the nearby library, a sidewalk stroll with their grown-up, or if it works out- an Arboro class of their own!
  • How does the co-working space work? Is there an added cost to use it?
    Parents shouldn't be an afterthought when serving their kids. Our building is designed with children AND parents in mind. The co-working/social space has a welcoming, coffee house vibe with self-serve refreshments, plenty of outlets and wi-fi. Choose from our lounge area, a spot outside on our patio, or a desk in our "nook." Cost: Only the cost of the classes for your kids. If you purchase a class, the co-working space is a complementary perk of being part of our community,’Our Boro.’ We also have two private offices available for rent if you need to take a meeting or just get some alone time.
  • What age groups do you serve?
    All of them! Each class is designed for a certain age group. The age groups are suggestions, not requirements. You know your child best so feel free to pick the group that best fits their readiness! We have Social Centers for babies and toddlers, enrichment classes like Science Explorers, Read with Me, and Math Fact Fluency, and Art classes for elementary ages. For older students, we offer personalized support such as mentorship, small group enrichment classes, homework help, tutoring, and executive functioning coaching. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email us at ! We are here to serve our community by offering support that is needed. We want to know what you are seeking and we love to design sessions with our neighbors in mind!
  • My child has unique needs. Is this the right place for us?
    Let's chat. Schedule a visit or a consultation call. We will listen to your hopes and concerns as a parent. We will ask about your child's personality and interests. We will match you up with one of our services and facilitate the next steps for your family.
  • How do you have so much variety in one place?
    We are not a school. We do not have a set curriculum that we require of our teachers. We know that skilled educators choosing content that they know and love creates the most enriching learning experiences. We find talented teachers, you choose the best matches for you. It's that simple.
  • Who are the teachers?
    Our team of incredible educators are all experienced teachers who share in our passion for empowering students and families to reach their full potential. We believe in practicing a growth mindset, allowing for discovery and meaning-making when learning, and building confidence along with skills. We are grateful to have such stellar educators on board. Most have a decade or more of experience, advanced certifications and degrees in education, and a talent for ensuring that learning is a joyful experience. Why aren't they still teaching? We are lucky enough to have stellar teachers who decided to transition to stay at home parenting, teachers who work part time at schools, teachers who have recently retired, teachers who are pursing other work within education such as academic coaching or leading professional development. Since we let them choose their schedule as contracted workers, they can be a part of our time and also pursue other careers or interests. We are always ready to meet talented educators! If you know someone who may be a good fit for us, please have them contact us at
  • What if a class is cancelled?
    If a class is cancelled, we will work with families to reschedule or try out a different class based on availability. Arboro will communicate with families in advance. In the unlikely case that Arboro cancels a class or event, families will be refunded or re-credited their investment.
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