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Hi! It's nice to meet you. 

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Hi! We are Jenna and Lindsay. We love learning. We love growing, we love empowering. 

We also love our kids but we understand the pressure and the need to get your own work done while your kid is getting enrichment, social interaction, and expanding that little brain of theirs. 

That's why we created Arboro. 

Est. 2023!

the warrior's reminder

i am awake
my mind is free
i am creative
i love myself
my willpower is strong
i am brave
i practice patience
i don't judge folks
i give, not to receive
i don't expect
i accept
i listen more than i talk
i know i'll change
i know you'll change
i'll hold on one more day
i start over when necessary
i create my own situations
i am cosmic
i do not have the answers
i desire to learn
i am the plan
i am strong
i am weak
i want to grow
i know i will
i take on responsibility
i hide myself from no one
i'm on my path...


- Erykah Badu

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