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Enriching classes and activities for kids.
A place and time to get things done for grown ups.

Our Core Values





embracing individuality

making ethical choices



curating opportunities to make connections to/with people, ideas, and information/resources



facilitating personal growth through meaningful discovery 



equipping individuals to joyfully evolve 

Our Mission

We are an educational enrichment space focused on curating connections to empower individuals of all ages through meaningful discovery for
our boro - our village. 
Grove couches

What Sets Us Apart

The Grown-Up Grove:  An intentionally designed space for adults featuring a lounge, co-working space, and physical & emotional wellness zones.
What would you do with an hour all to yourself?  What will your child gain in an hour of expertly guided learning and interaction? 

Give Arboro a try and find out.

 Arboro is a place for grown-ups to work, relax, connect, and learn.

 Arboro is a space for kids to learn, innovate, laugh, play, draw, dance, build, and thrive. 


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