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Interactive group sessions for kids of all ages designed with 4 key components to promote joyful and meaningful learning.


What happens during Team Arboro sessions?

Within each Team Arboro session, talented coaches guide children to develop stage-appropriate skills and knowledge through practicing critical thinking skills, collaborating productively, building emotional intelligence, and outdoor exploration.
Arboro's expert coaches build our four critical components into engaging experiences that both challenge and inspire children to expand their thinking, no matter their age or stage of growth. 
  • Best Value! 10 Session Bundle

    Empowerment awaits!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Flexible use for Team Arboro (kids) and Grove Lab (grown-ups
    • Savings of $50 compared to individual session purchases
    • 1 package covers services for any member of your family
    • Perfect for gifting!
    • 3 months to use the package

Team Arboro & Grove Lab Descriptions

Our earliest members shared what they loved about our classes.
You'll see these elements as spotlights in Team Arboro and Grove Lab sessions!  

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