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An Inclusive, Diverse, Affable Space: A Parent Perspective

Thank you to the Trahan family for participating in Arboro's first parent interview. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of your village.

Read on to learn how Arboro empowers their family.

How did you learn about Arboro Empowered?

To be honest, I stumbled upon Arboro while we were sitting in our son's ICU room. It was after a great conversation with our social worker. She brought up some interesting points about how transitioning to our new normal can be very intimidating. She encouraged us to do something out in the community. Slow and steady: A few times we tried to make it out to story time, but it didn't happen- we had a lot of extra accessories and it was intimidating. When you go from one kid to two kids, it's hard enough, but when you throw in a little of extra pizzazz, it can take a while.

What has been your experience at Arboro Empowered?

It's hard to tell you just ONE positive experience that we've had at Arboro. I can tell you this, I've been heard. I had a conversation with Lindsay and Jenna about how difficult and expensive it is to receive/find services for a child who doesn't have a diagnosis, but so desperately needs the help. Within weeks, they found these services for us and the best part they offer them at prices that are affordable. There are no words to express our gratitude.

What three words describe the culture and community at Arboro? Inclusive, diverse and an affable space.

What skills or experiences is your child gaining in their classes at Arboro? For us our four-year-old has always struggled with his speech and others understanding him. Since starting classes -when he's coming home with a new technique, he glows. He is BEYOND proud of his new abilities and he definitely lets you hear it!

How do you feel empowered as a parent at Arboro? I absolutely feel like I'm supporting my children in ways I wasn't able to before!

What’s your favorite way to spend your time while your kids are in classes? My favorite thing to do when my kiddos are in classes is just to sit (sounds luxurious right?). We're continuously running around for appointments or on the phone with doctors. So being able just to sit and breathe is a pretty big deal.

What would you say to a parent who is on the fence about signing their kid up for their first class? The one thing that I would say to a parent who's on the fence would be, "Just try." I know it's overwhelming, especially if your kiddo may need a bit more support. No matter if that means building a routine or helping them work through big feelings. The coaches are always going to meet your child where they are. It's okay for your child to be unapologetically themself.

Arboro has benefited our family in so many ways. They have provided a safe environment for both of our children to grow, learn, and play. They have also given the parents an opportunity to grow by providing wonderful opportunities and experiences.

How has Arboro benefited your family over the past few months? Oh goodness, I can go on and on with this one, like the class opportunities that have been provided, such as Language Lab, run by a licensed speech therapist or Seedling Explorers, led by a certified recreational therapist. Without Arboro, we wouldn't have been able to afford experiences like this, and it's a wonderful opportunity.

For me, I think one of the most exciting things is to see the growth and how lively it is there! I love the fact that when they offer an adult class, they always think about the kids, so I never have to worry about missing because of child care!


Parents of a medically complex toddler, and a gregarious four-year-old

Caitlin Trahan with her two boys

Photo credit: Allison C photography

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