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What happened during my Parent Consultation with Dr. Luley

by Jenna Gilfillan, Co-Owner of Arboro Empowered

“Tell me about your kids.” 

I can do that.  This morning I felt very lucky because the person who started this conversation was expert child psychologist, Dr. Karen Luley.  When I say expert, I mean expert.  We’re talking earner of not one, but two doctorates, which makes her bachelor’s and master’s degrees seem minor (which they are not), published author, celebrated clinician, and owner of Triangle Child Psychology in Chapel Hill. Plus, she’s got two kids.  She gets it. You might think someone like this would be intimidating but, spoiler alert- she’s lovely.  

Before we started our session, I was trying to decide which of the many parenting or child development questions I might ask that would help guide me through the constant maze of parenting.  As we started to chat, I felt immediately comfortable and enjoyed the opportunity to gain insight, confidence, and strategies. Dr. Luley was empathetic and genuine.  She helped me think proactively about ways to make small shifts in some of my current parenting practices that could make meaningful positive impacts on my family. She also offered me some tools and phrases I can use with my kids.  She helped me identify whether or not I should take further action with my concerns and what those action steps might look like. 

I walked away feeling equipped

It may be intriguing for me to tell you more details about our conversation, but apart from not wanting to embarrass my kids, I know that it wouldn’t serve you, the reader.  Why? Because, what I need, what my kids need, isn’t going to be the same as what your family might need. That’s the beautiful difference between sitting down with an expert like Dr. Luley who can offer insight into your specific situation, and the world wide web of information overload to sift through. 

By the way, I didn’t seek out a consultation because my kids are going through some sort of major problem.  I did it because I’m an imperfect human with imperfect human kids, just like every other parent.  I want to get better at all the things I care about doing well and there’s nothing I care about more than my kids. 

Reflecting on this morning had me wondering, ’Why haven’t I done this before?’  It’s probably because it seemed too complicated to figure out how to go about it.  Little did I know, I could’ve just clicked a link and scheduled one.  For free.  Easy peasy.  

Arboro Empowered and Triangle Child Psychology want to make it even easier (...and peasier?).  We know that empowerment is sparked by access to information and expert guidance.  That’s why we are offering a free Consultation Day for our community. We would be honored to connect a family with the same experience I had this morning; a chance to equip parents with information to support their family.  We know that moments like these have empowering ripple effects that go far beyond one conversation with two people.  

If you are a parent who seeks opportunities to learn and improve, this is an experience you will not want to miss.

Imperfect in Arboro,

Jenna Gilfillan

*Tip- Click 'Register Now', then scroll down to find the appointment options.

Are the sessions all booked up? Email us at to be added to the waiting list or to get first dibs if we offer this again!


We want to offer more opportunities for parents to access the expertise of Triangle Child Psychology.

What ideas do you have about services we could provide? Book clubs focused on child development or parenting? Focus groups for a certain age range- terrible twos or tweens? Workshops on a certain topic? Parent support groups?

We can't wait to hear what you dream up! Comment below!

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