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Team Arboro
Ages & Stages


Empowering experiences designed to unlock every kid's unique talents and find joy in learning

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
  • Tactile and Sensory Play to Promote Cognitive Development

  • Critical Thinking Practice through Puzzles, Games, and Sorting Tasks

  • Number and Letter Learning through Authentic Application

  • Responsive and Nurturing Interactions

  • Communication and Language Skills

  • Emotional Regulation Support

  • Opportunities for Independence and Confidence-building

  • Exploring Uses of Various Materials

  • Imaginative and Pretend Play

  • Cause and Effect Observations

  • Innovative Problem Solving through Trial and Error

  • Artistic Expression through Song, Instruments, Dance, and Art-making

  • Safe and Active Environment

  • Fine Motor Development through Small Muscle Control

  • Gross-Motor Development through Large Muscle Activities

  • Vocabulary expansion through storytelling and exposure to multiple content areas.

  • Critical-thinking and problem-solving through games, projects, and use of manipulatives.

  • Number and letter recognition and application.

  • Productive emotional regulation tools and strategies

  • Social interactions to promote cooperation, patience, sharing, and effective communication

  • Understanding and practicing empathy through learning strategies to be kind, discuss feelings, and learning about multiple perspectives

  • Imaginative and open-ended play to develop creativity

  • Access to various materials and tools and a space to imperfectly experiment

  • Facilitated tasks that apply skills and knowledge with varied solutions

  • Artistic expression through multiple creative outlets such as drawing, painting, music-making, and building 

  • Opportunities to explore the outdoors

  • Fine Motor development through writing and manipulating small objects

  • Gross-Motor development practicing athletic movements

Teenagers in Park

What does your kid need?

Exposure to new ideas and personalities to expand their minds? 


The chance to try new things, problem-solve, communicate, and build relationships with peers?


Guidance from expert educators who understand the value of truly seeing and knowing their students? 


Arboro Offerings


We believe in building confidence through skill development. Our approach is engaging, patient, and data-driven. Let us help foster a love of learning by guiding students to learn strategies that work for them because one size does not fit all when it comes to accessing education. 


Our outdoor space features a community garden where families can learn about growing their own food and the science behind gardening.


Language learning, classes, exposure, and immersion for kids of all ages. Dual language options for our early childhood sessions.  World Language classes and tutoring are available upon request. 


Early intervention begins with exposure and awareness. We are building our roster of incredible experts who support our students and their grown ups through intentionally designed classes and parent resources. (Speech & Language, OT, Recreational Therapy, Psychologists, and more!)


Join your child in a class offered for movement, social engagement, fine arts, mindfulness, and more. Check out our calendar for opportunities to grow together. 


We offer pop-up classes for art, creative writing, coding, dance, social skills, engineering, keyboarding, and more. Check out the schedule for guest teachers and pop-up activities.


Want to rent our entire space for a birthday party? With a beautiful fenced-in back yard, full outdoor and indoor kitchens, and lots of activity space, you can transform the space into the perfect party.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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