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The benefits of early intervention. Earlier is better! 

Arboro Empowered is parterning with the pros at Triangle Child Psychology to bring their expertise on child development, parenting strategies, and early intervention options to Greensboro's community. Learn more about their 'why' for early intervention by hearing from our guest bloggers, Dani Small, MSW and Dr. Karen Luley, Ph.D, Psy. D.

BY DANI SMALL, MSW AND DR. KAREN LULEY, PH.D., PSY.D. OF Triangle Child Psychology

Every parent wants their kiddos to be the superheroes of their own stories - healthy, happy, and playing well with others while reaching their milestones. But what if there's a glitch in the matrix? Or some emotional or social hiccups? That's where early intervention swoops in to save the day! By spotting and tackling potential issues early on, kids get the necessary skills to rock their lives. 

Initiating early intervention is critical in enhancing outcomes and empowering children to attain their maximum potential. Children are at critical stages in development when their brains are most resilient and malleable, and before long-term habits and patterns have set in that make it harder for change to happen.  When problems are identified early, we have the best chance to shift the child’s developmental trajectory to a path of physical, social, emotional, and mental wellbeing, by providing essential skills that children can use throughout their lifetime. Additionally, early intervention can enhance the quality of familial relationships, elevate academic performance, and promote overall wellness.

Early intervention can help children receive the appropriate care and support they need to overcome any challenges they may encounter. Generally, when these challenges are identified early, we have the best chance for interventions to be short-term and successful.  Interventions can involve a range of services, such as therapy, counseling, educational programs and resources, and medical interventions. By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, children are better equipped to handle any obstacles that may arise in their lives.

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in early intervention. They are often the first to notice any changes in their child's behavior or development and can work with healthcare or mental health professionals to identify the best course of action. It's important for parents and caregivers to be proactive and seek help if they have any questions or concerns about their child's development.

At Triangle Child Psychology, we provide psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational evaluations for children ranging in age from preschool through college who are struggling to achieve their potential due to developmental, cognitive, learning, processing, or social-emotional factors. We also offer one-on-one support and guidance to parents through our parent consultation services, as well as psychotherapy for children and young people. 

Early intervention is essential for supporting children's growth and development. By providing the necessary support and resources early on, we can help children reach their full potential and lead happy, healthy, and successful lives. So if you have any concerns, take action and let us help! 


On December 15, Arboro Empowered is hosting a Consultation Day with Triangle Child Psychology. All sessions are currently booked, but have no fear- we are working on a plan to bring this valuable resource and more to Greensboro again soon.

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Dream big! What resources or services would you love for Triangle Child Psychology to provide for your family?

Share ideas for how TCP could equip families with knowledge and resources to help their families thrive. Maybe a parenting book club, parent support groups, Q&A sessions, consultations, parenting coaching, etc. We want to hear from you, 'Our Boro.'

Comment below and help us imagine possibilities!

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