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What moms really want this Mother's Day

Let's cut to the chase. Moms are begging for a break, pampering, and most of all, the gift of being seen.

Last month, we surveyed local moms on a popular local Facebook group, mostly moms of young children, in Greensboro and the surrounding areas. Over 400 votes were tallied asking Moms what they really want for Mother's Day this year.

April 2024, Greensboro, NC

Top 5 Requests

  1. Pampering Appointments- massages, manicures, pedicures

  2. Professional Cleaning- A deep clean of the house

  3. Alone Time- Breakfast in bed followed by a peaceful day of zero responsibilities (and full access to the remote)

  4. Acknowledgment- Heartfelt notes with specific details on their gratitude and love for me

  5. Gifts I actually want- Look for clues on my Amazon Wishlist or Pinterest Page


A note to Mother's Day Gift-Givers:

After analyzing the results, here is the ultimate in Mother's Day luxury*gifting:

Book her a hotel room on an upcoming date for a solo stay-cation complete with room service meals and a massage. Explain to her, in detail, why she deserves it! While she's away, hire someone to clean the house and her car.

More (financially) realistic versions of this would include:

Take the kids out of the house for the day after making her breakfast in bed and leaving her heartfelt notes. Suprise her with a couple of items from her wishlist or items that have been lingering in her online shopping carts.


Schedule a nail salon or massage appointment and, together with the kids, deep clean the house and her car before she gets home. Leave her thoughtful notes to find in the house and her vehicle.

Most importantly, consider how mini-versions of these can take place throughout the year!


One week to go- Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12th.


A note to the moms:

Now, Mamas, let's remember that while it's lovely to have someone else take care of us, there is no one better equipped for the job than ourselves. At least once a day at Arboro, we remind parents that taking care of ourselves is a way that we take care of our family. When we are at our best, we are able to parent with more patience and empathy. We are able to be more present with others when we are not preoccupied with ignoring our own needs. Mother's Day is a good excuse to practice scheduling self-care, but a holiday is not a prerequisite to prioritizing ourselves.

When our kids are adults, do we want them to have healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy emotions? Of course, we do! Dr Luley often reminds us of the importance of modeling the behaviors we want from our kids. That includes modeling healthy eating habits, setting boundaries with others, dedicating time to exercise, practicing self-advocacy, and adding ourselves to the darn calendar!

Take a look at your calendar. What is the ratio of appointments for family members vs. yourself? Is your yoga or kickboxing class actually on the schedule or just something you think you "should do one of these days." Do you have a therapy appointment coming up? Mental health maintenance through consistently scheduled therapy helps us keep our healthy habits strong. How frequently do you hang out with friends or enjoy a date with your partner? Put it on the calendar- today!

Imperfect in Arboro,

Arboro Empowered Co-Owner


Maybe we can help get that calendar filled. Here are a few ways that Arboro offers self-care.

What are you waiting for? Forward this email to every dad you know!


What would you add to the list of what moms really want?

Comment below!

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